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All our meetings are open to the public. We have sharing time for observing highlights, astrophotographs and observing experiences.

April 1: The featured presentation will describe The Astronomical League and all the resources it offers amateur astronomers. One key resource is the observing program or challenge; if you want to improve your observing techniques in numerous areas, these challenges can help.

May 6: The featured presentation focuses on observing in our Solar System, excluding solar observing (Part 1). We will review planetary movements within our solar system to appreciate its complexity and interactions. We will also review different planetary objects for viewing and pros and cons of viewing instruments and recording your observations.

June 3: The featured presentation will continue to focus on observing in our Solar System with an emphasis on imaging planetary objects (Part 2). We will cover types of viewing and imaging equipment, steps involved in imaging, capture and processing. If you are and imager, you are encouraged to bring and describe your equipment.

July 1: We will offer a telescope clinic to the public. If you have a telescope, bring it in to have it checked out. If you’re not sure how it operates, bring it in, we will happily review and assess its operation.

The public is welcome at our meetings beginning at 7:30 pm at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, 411 Susquehanna Ave., Ambler, 19002. Look for the black and yellow BMA2 signs.


Our Mission

The Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association (BMAA) is a group of amateur astronomers working together to improve astronomical knowledge and observational skills. BMAA members are a varied group of individuals who share a curiosity about the sky. We make ourselves and our instruments available to promote public interest in astronomy.

  • Public Monthly Meetings

  • Members and guest speakers present lectures or demonstrations on astronomical-related topics. Meetings are held at the Upper Dublin Luthern Church, 411 Susquehanna Road, Ambler, 19002.
  • Public StarWatches

  • StarWatches are conducted at various locations. The public is invited for an evening of stargazing; you are encouraged to bring your telescope! BMAA members share their telescopes and offer assistance and observing tips.
  • StarParties

  • Members gather at one of several dark-sky sites to help each other hone observing and astrophotography skills.
  • Educational outreach  BMAA is a community resource, offering astronomy programs to schools, youth groups and civic organizations.
Annual membership in BMAA includes a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, CONSTELLATION, membership in the Astronomical League and United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey, and discounts to astronomy publications. If you are interested in joining BMAA or in renewing your membership, click here for a membership application. Astronomical League

Officers of this Pennsylvania non-profit organization are:

Gary Sprague
Dwight Dulsky
Ed Radomski
John Urbanchuk
Contact: info@bma2.org

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